Global League Rules

Rosters will be locked from Thursday to Sunday

You will not be able to switch out any players until the roster unlocks again. All of your players award you points for every game they play.

You may add any player to your roster. There will be weekly, stage, and seasonal leaderboards.

Global League Scoring

You will receive a certain number of points when any one of your players performs a final blow. You will not be penalized for deaths. All kills are weighted based upon the current map and the hero who performed the kill.

In other words, a mercy will recieve more points for a final blow than pharah, and Pharah will recieve less points for kills on Lijiang Tower. This scoring system rewards unique plays and aggressive strategies while maintaining balance between the classes.

There will soon be achievements that will award points every week focusing on metrics such as deaths, ultimates, and map wins. These bonus achievements are coming soon... The points each player awards you over time will appear on your dashboard.

Personal League Rules

This is where the real fun comes in. Live drafts, trades, auctions, subs, chat, etc. Coming soon...